Tech it out

Before starting Little Book Nook, I was a pre-school teacher & I had a particular interest in incorporating technology into my classroom to enhance my student's learning experience. I don't believe that technology should be used in every aspect of education and children definitely need time away from screens - reading books, writing, engaging with one another & playing outside. But there is definitely a place for technology in the classroom and

learning 21st Century skills is incredibly important for our children to succeed in this technoology driven world.

I recently came across an incredible company - Amazeballs who have made it their mission to bring THE COOLEST tech products to SA.

Their S.T.E.A.M, coding & robotics range caught my eye - so I signed up as an ambassador to spread the word about these awesome educational tech gadgets.

If you wish to purchase something via the Amazeballs website, please use the coupon code 'KMAMAZE' so that they know where you found them.