Under the sea

Updated: May 4

Everything you need for for your exploration of the ocean.

The ocean is a theme with endless opportunities for learning. From splashing in rockpools to exploring the depths of the deepest trenches. The study of ocean life is always full of opportunities for curiosity & wonder. Most importantly though, it opens up important discussions about caring for our planet.

Whether you're embarking on a deep unit of inquiry into the ocean or you're just looking for some fun sites to expand your student's knowledge, below I have listed a few resources that I have gathered over my teaching years - From book suggestions to videos & a Pinterest board full of fun activities to try too.

I hope you will find it useful & hopefully it saves you a bit of time on your prep work.

Possible topics to cover during your ocean themed unit ...

  • Marine animals & plants

  • Food chains & life cycles

  • Marine animal migration & adaptations

  • Layers/zones of the ocean

  • Ocean pollution & conservation

  • Exploring the ocean

  • Beaches & rock pools

  • Marine habitats

  • Waves & tides

  • Oceans around the world

  • Marine conservation

Cool sites for learning about the ocean ...


Somebody swallowed Stanley

Dear Earth

The whale who wanted more

Curious Q & A about our oceans

The Big Book of Blue


Videos are always a great way to capture your learners attention and I find them to be very effective in teaching concepts by including animation, movement and songs into lessons. Here are a few of my top ocean videos ... You can find some more by clicking on the 'Youtube Playlist' link at the end of this list.

Learn about the ocean zones

25 Facts about the deep ocean

Oceans 101

Coral Reefs 101

Wild Kratts Ocean explorers

Ocean yoga adventure

Ocean facts

Check out our Ocean Youtube Playlist for more themed videos.

Resources & Activities

Check out our ocean Pinterest Board for themed lessons & activities.

  • Arts & crafts

  • Sensory play

  • Fine motor activities

  • Movement fun

  • Science table ideas


Octopus themed sensory box by Dough Ray Me

Sea creature stamps from Cabin

Ocean creature eco cutters by Nestling kids collection

Ocean study unit bundle by Inspire the Mom

* Affiliate Disclaimer - This page contains some affiliate links (Faithful to Nature & Etsy), should you choose to purchase something when clicking on one of these links, I may receive a small amount of commission from the affiliated companies, at no additional cost to you - These links help me to pay for my website. The other small businesses listed above are not affiliate links, they are just great products worth sharing, please let them know where you found them.

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