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by Laena-Mae Turner

From the young mind of debut author Laena-Mae Turner comes a storybook of the beautiful act of coming together in hard moments. As family, as friends, and as people. Inside We Stayed for Months and Days is a humorous and insightful picture book following children around the world during an international lockdown, understanding the unifying reaction to some disastrous news from different people, races, cultures and countries across the globe.

At the age of eight, Laena-Mae Turner believes that there are no age limits to living your dreams. From only five years old, she began writing stories, creating her own characters that she could not find in other children's books out there.

Laena-Mae Turner was only a few days old when doctor's diagnosed her with a life-threatening autoimmune disease known as Hypogammaglobulinemia. Having spent many weeks in and out of hospital throughout her life, Laena-Mae is no stranger to living in isolation. Having survived Tuberculosis at only three years of age and multiple illnesses due to her severely compromised immune system, she is an incredibly resilient young lady and her optimism throughout the pandemic is unfounded.