Book Nook

What makes THE ULTIMATE 'Little Book Nook'...

Creating an inviting reading space in your home is a fantastic way to encourage a love of books in children.

It doesn't have to cost anything, start with things around the house - Pillows, blankets, scatter cushions, fairy lights

& of course - a box or shelves filled with their favourite books. Create a cosy space that your children can go to for some

quiet time, to curl up & page through or, if they're old enough, read a book.

When we first started Little Book Nook - The idea was to offer the whole package for creating the perfect book nook

& inspiring young children to develop a love for reading. Since establishing my own little business, I have come across

so many incredible mommy owned businesses selling a range of products that are perfect for creating amazing book nooks.

We love to support our local mommy businesses so if you're looking for furniture, tents & decor to create an inspiring reading

space in your home, please check out the links below. You can also visit our Pinterest page for some more ideas & inspiration.

*We would greatly appreciate it if you could let these brands know that you discovered them on our website, this helps us to strengthen our relationships with our fellow small businesses*